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Live-Dates mit Mama Ulita - Burlesque & Performance - Theater / Show / Events Termine

Live-Termine mit Mama Ulita - Burlesque & Performance - Theater / Show / Events 2019

“I LOVE PERFORMING. The stage is one of my happy places to shine and celebrate my LOVE for LIVE and my LOVE for being a concious canvas of phantasies. For me this is magical. As a performing-artist i am transforming fear, inner criticism and selfdout into something positive and powerful. It´s living in the NOW! It´s my prayer to the universe - being grateful for my live and the feeling to be alive. I feel connected to the world around me and my audience. That energy of creation is what you will find in my acts. So let´s share the Love for Live together! Here are my upcoming Showdates! Love&Light!”
Burly-Q-lest yours Mama Ulita

Samstag 22. Juni – Cabaret at K – Goetheinstitut Washington D.C. - Infos ab Anfang Juni 2019

Dienstag 17. September – Krystallpalast Leipzig – Burlesque y Fiestag de Los Muertos – Weitere Infos zum Event

Samstag 19. Oktober – Haus Leipzig - Burlesque Gala 10 Jahre Lipsi Lillies – Tickets gibt es hier

Mittwoch 31. Oktober – München - Devils Darlings Show - Mehr Infos gibt es hier

Wochenende 15.-17. November – Ballhaus Berlin – Kabarett der Namenlosen – Tickets gibt es hier

Freitag 20. November
– Blue Moon Cabaret Eindhoven – Infos gibt es hier