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27.5. Tassel Twirl & Free your Boobies Workshop Prag

Burlesque Tassel Twirl & Free your Boobies Workshop with Mama Ulita!

Mama Ulita is Germanys Queen of Firetassels, sanctued by Satans Angel and trained by Bettie Blackheart. Her energy and love for Burlesque brought her as the very first German Burlesque Dancer to the Burlesque Hall Fame to compete with her elegant Fandance for Tournament of Tease in Las Vegas.

In this intense Workshop Mama Ulita shares her knowledge of the art of tassel twirling that she has developed with the help of gorgeous twirlers like Trixi Tassels (UK) and Bettie Blackheart (Queen of Firetassels Finland & Mastertrainer) and of course in years of perfoming. In this class you will learn about the history of this artform that is strongly connected to performing Burlesque in the 50s, where performers had to cover their nipples and be creative to entertain with their pasties and developed all kind of Twirling Techniques to wild 50s Music.

Tassel Twirling is fun to do and watch but also challenging for your upper body muscles. That requires a individual warm-up-work-out and a break down of isolation techniques. In this class you will learn the basics of isolations to twirl your tassels in different ways. And be sure, one way will work for you! But Mama Ulita will also enable you to try your own style of twirling which is a very fun way to be creative. To make the session complete you will also learn the basics of how to twirl the tassels with your derriere, which is called Assels. Burlesque is a very creative and fun way to express yourself, and Tasseltwirl is the fun on the top of a routine. But its not only for performers, its for all of you Ladies! Tasseltwirling helps you to get connected with your breasts, the feminin symbols that are so important for feeling good and sexy with yourself. Get rid of thoughts like they are too small, too big, or sucked out after breastfeeding or whatever your issues are. Just put on colurful and extravagant Nipplepasties with tassels and shake them! Its pure fun and you will feel a special kind of freedom after class!

Twirlproof Paties will be provided by Mama Ulita! And dont miss the chance to buy your own pair!

What to bring: Water, highwaist panties, leggins, a yoga mat, G-String, Warm Socks.

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